16 Street SDA Church

Ministry Description-Deacons

Provide spiritual leadership and look after the facility and equipment used to establish the Kingdom of God in San Bernardino and beyond.

Head Deacon, Pastors

Description of duties

1. Upkeep of church property used in establishing the Kingdom of God in San Bernardino and beyond. They will take responsibility for the care and upkeep of church property and vans, including the oversight or actual doing of the janitorial work, repairs, grounds maintenance, interior decorating and small renovations. The deacon team is also responsible for conducting a monthly walkthrough to access the maintenance needs.

2. Keeping the church and community members safe while on the premises. They will care for the security of those in attendance at church activities, always vigilant for the comfort and safety of all persons. This includes opening the church building(s) before meetings and locking the facility at the conclusion of activities. They are also responsible for collecting the offering as well as the safe keep and security of the offering used for establishing the Kingdom of God in San Bernardino.

3. Visitation. They will join with the pastor, elders, and deaconesses in visiting church members, the sick and shut in.

4. Attendance. They will take the attendance at Sabbath School, Church and W.A.R. on Wednesdays and report monthly to the pastor. This is one way to evaluate our effectiveness in establishing the Kingdom of God in San Bernardino

5. Assisting with the baptismal ceremony that welcomes new members into the Kingdom of God in San Bernardino. The deacons will:

a. Prepare and fill the pool.
b. Assist male candidates.
c. Do the physical labor related to the service.

6. Assisting with the communion service, which celebrates the inauguration of the Kingdom of God. The deacons will :

a. Provide the physical arrangements, such as placing the communion table.
b. Place the towels, basins and water in the appropriate rooms for use in the ordinance of humility.
c. Dispense water and basins for the men during the Ordinance of Humility, giving particular attention to visitors, new members, and the aged.

d. Distribute the emblems during Communion service.
e. Assist in ministering Communion to sick and shut in.
f. Assist in proper disposal of emblems at the conclusion of communion, if needed.

Time requirements 16-20 hours a month
Term 1 year

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