Ministry Description-Deaconess

Goal of Position:    Provide spiritual leadership and nurture as we establish the Kingdom of God in San Bernardino and beyond.

Responsible To:    Head Deaconess, Pastors

Description of duties
1. Greeting and Visiting Guests and Members.  Deaconesses assist in greeting guests and members at meetings and services as people come to celebrate the Kingdom of God.
2. Caring for the Sick and the Poor.  Deaconesses assist deacons in caring for the sick, needy, and unfortunate.
3. Visitation. They will join with the pastor, elders, and deaconesses in visiting church members, the sick and shut in.

4. Assisting with the baptismal ceremony that welcomes new members into the Kingdom of God in San Bernardino. The deaconesses will:
        a. Prepare candidates for baptism by giving counsel and help as necessary regarding
        suitable garments and necessities for baptism.
        b. Assist female candidates.
        c. Launder and care for the baptismal robes and supplies

5. Assisting with the communion service, which celebrates the inauguration of the Kingdom of God. The deaconesses will:
a.  Provide and prepare the emblems for Communion.
b. Place the towels, basins and water in the appropriate rooms for use in the ordinance of humility.
c. Dispense water and basins for the women during the Ordinance of Humility, giving particular attention to visitors, new members, and the aged.
d. Cover and recover the table during Communion service.
e. Assist in distributing emblems during Communion service, if needed.
e. Assist in ministering Communion to sick and shut in.
f. Properly dispose of emblems at the conclusion of communion
        g. Launder and care for the communion table cloths, towels and utensils.

Time requirements 16-20 hours a month

Term 1 year
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