16th Street SDA Church

Ministry Description-Treasurer

Goal of Position: To be head steward of the church funds and resources with which we establish the Kingdom of God in San Bernardino.
Ministry Description:
The treasurer and her/his team are responsible for the following duties

1. Tithes and offerings. The treasurer receives the tithes and offerings which come in on Sabbath morning or to the church office during the week which are used to establish the Kingdom of God in San Bernardino.
2. Receipting. All funds received should be receipted as soon as possible. The offering envelopes are opened and checked to see that each amount received tallies with what is written on the envelope. All the receipts are then posted in the church ledger by hand or computer. The keeping of these records is vital not only for the auditor who will be checking them each year, but for the members as well, who may need a list of their contributions.
3. Banking. It is the responsibility of the treasurer to make sure the money in deposited into the church account.
4. Records. The treasurer needs to forward a copy of the church ledger pages to the conference each month. This list of the month’s receipts should be accompanied by a check covering the amount of tithe given and the offerings received that were designated for the conference, union, or General Conference projects.
5. Accounts payable. Authorization for the disbursing of church funds for church operation and for establishing the Kingdom of God in San Bernardino.
6. Financial statements. The treasurer should prepare a monthly financial statement and distribute copies to the church board at their meeting. This statement should include the balance status of all budgeted accounts, as well as the totals received in tithes and offerings.  More detailed records could be given to finance committee.

Time Required: About 12 hours a week
Training Provided: Conference provides annual training seminar. There is a treasurer’s notebook/CD that is available. Other materials available as needed.

Qualifications/ Special Skills:
Have some of the following in their gift mix: Gifts of administration and service. Pays attention to detail, is organized, computer literate and works well with people.
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